Best Mind-Control Device User Interface Ever

The mind-control machine in Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London has the greatest user interface in history. It's intuitive, easy to use, and versatile. When you want to use one of your mind-controlled puppets to kill someone, it turns into a fighting video-game screen straight out of the mid-1990s. (Click through to see some of its other amazing screens.) But it has one vulnerability — a hawt blonde British agent can easily pummel your programmer into revealing its password, which is probably the least secure password for a mind-control device in any case.

So here are a couple more screens from the incredible Agent Cody Banks 2 mind-control device. First of all, what if you want to figure out which world leaders you have yet to take over? That sounds like a challenging database request, but it's actually simplicity itself:


See what I mean? It's a simple pull-down menu! And then what if you've already mind-controlled the CIA director and want to use him to pull the president into an brain-implanting ambush? Surely you'd have to go through ten screens trying to figure out which of your implants is in the CIA director, and then give him a complex instruction set? No! It takes like two keystrokes, and is simplicity itself!

Word to software developers out there: this is the kind of streamlined, easy user experience you should be striving for in your own products, world-domination-related or otherwise.

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