Best Kiss-Off Line Ever: "Go F—k Yourself, Spaceman!"

An alien drug-dealer is no match for Dolph Lundgren, in the climax of 1990's I Come In Peace. All the fancy weapons, like the razor frisbee and endorphin-draining harpoon, fail against Dolph's rubbery-faced kung-fu.

I Come In Peace is pretty much an all-time classic, thanks to inserting an alien thug into the standard buddy-cop cliches. There are two cops, and they don't get along even though they both have unorthodox methods for cleaning up the streets. And then it turns out the main baddie is an alien, who's just the first of millions of alien endorphin-harvesting drug dealers — unless Dolph and his partner Brian Benben can stop him. There are fight scenes, shootouts and car chases, all of it to the tunes of Miami Vice's Jan Hammer. Really, what's not to like? [IMDB]


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"Let off some steam Spaceman!"