Best Discussion of Human Identity And The Tuvix Voyager Episode Ever

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Scifi editor extraordinaire John Joseph Adams has just posted a new episode of his podcast, Geek's Guide To The Galaxy, and it's packed with weird goodness - including the world's only thoughtful discussion of the Tuvix episode of Voyager.


The highlight of the episode is Adams and co-host David Barr Kirtley interviewing Robin Wasserman, author of Skinned, about how you transfer human consciousness into a high-tech body. This later kicks off a whole discussion between Adams and Kirtley about whether transporters are really killing you and then creating a perfect copy at the other end of the transporter beam. And that in turn leads to actual intelligent commentary on the Tuvix episode - you know, where Tuvok and Neelix are merged into one Super Awful Being as a result of a transporter accident? Yeah. You've got to listen . . . via Geek's Guide To The Galaxy


Transporters can:

Combine two distinct entities into one. (Tuvix)

Split a single entity into two copies, neither and both of which are the original. (Riker)

Split a single entity into an "evil" and "good" version of the original. (Kirk)

Transform you into a child version of yourself (complete with miniaturized clothing!) (Guinan, Ro, Picard and others)

Send you into another universe where everyone is the same except evil and bearded. (Mirror universe)

Turn you into some kind of quantum particle ghost. (The son of the guy who invented it, Enterprise)

I think I'll take the shuttle.

(these are just what I can think of off the top of my head, I'm sure there's more.)