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Best Behind-the-Scenes Hobbit Video Yet... With One Amazing Cameo

Peter Jackson has released the seventh video from The Hobbit set in New Zealand. Each one keeps getting better and better. But this "vlog" entry might be the best thus far. Not only does it show the dwarves' "barrel escape" scene, it also has a dynamite cameo at the end. Definitely worth watching the whole thing.


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But, but... The dwarves were all sealed inside the barrels, and Bilbo rode on top of one. They had to be sealed inside in order to escape from the — well, I guess that would be a spoiler so I won't say.

I know. I know. It's not going to be a 100% accurate translation of the book. It is a different medium, and trying to stick too closely to the book would only harm the final product. In fact, I would guess that this particular change was made because watching a bunch of closed barrels float down the river, be bound together into a raft, sit overnight at one location, and then be rafted (is that a verb?) to another location the next day would have been less fun than watching the dwarves bob down the river in open barrels. I'm fine with that. I just wish they had chosen a scene which more closely matched the source material to include in the vlog.

None of which makes it any easier to endure the anticipation. Six more months.