Benjamin Bratt Joins Ava Duvernay's DMZ as Parco Delgado

Benjamin Bratt at the premiere for Coco.
Benjamin Bratt at the premiere for Coco.
Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

The comic book acting veteran will return as one of the DMZ’s most charismatic figures in HBO Max’s adaptation of the Vertigo book.

As reported by Deadline, Benjamin Bratt (Doctor Strange, Catwoman) will take on the role of Parco Delgado, one of the DMZ’s most significant leaders, the magnetic and compelling head of one of the location’s biggest gangs. His goal? To be the leader in charge of the whole place.

He’ll join DMZ alongside Rosario Dawson, already announced to be playing Alma Ortega. The series, currently in production for HBO Max, is being directed and executive produced by Ava Duvernay alongside writer and showrunner Roberto Patino. It’s based on the comic by Brian Wood, set in a world where Manhattan is a demilitarized world in a brutal American civil war.


DMZ doesn’t currently have a firm release date, but I’m guessing it’ll be around the start of HBO Max.

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I really really hope this is good. I’ve been calling for a DMZ adaptation for years, and it’s one of my all-time favourite comics. The world is so rich and there are so many stories to tell. It would be a great setting for a Fargo style anthology approach where you have a different lead character every season (or every arc; you could potentially have three complete stories in a 12 episode season, for instance).

Moving the focus away from Matty’s story to what sounds like a variation on Zee is a brave choice, and I hope it works, however it potentially loses that “we’re seeing all this for the first time” element that Matty brought from being an outsider, as Zee was in amongst it all. The journalist angle brought a lot of direction to the story in terms of the motivations of the bigger forces at play, and I’m not sure how a roving medic will fill that gap.

Also not too sure about the whole “I’m looking for my missing son” element, which feels a bit tropey when it comes to a female lead.

On the whole, though - I’m excited for it, but tinged with caution. HBO at least tends to bring a certain guarantee of quality.