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Benedict Cumberbatch Will Be Marvel's Doctor Strange

Illustration for article titled Benedict Cumberbatch Will Be Marvels Doctor Strange

Deadline has announced that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch is Marvel's choice to play the titular Sorcerer Supreme in the Doctor Strange movie, and talks are about to begin. Awesome. Question: If Strange faces off against Tom Hiddleston's Loki at any point, will the internet shut down in bliss?


In case you don't remember, the image above is a fun mock-up by Anne Wu made back when Cumberbatch was first rumored for the role, not an official pic or anything. So no need to freak out about Cumberbatch's tiny Cumbergoatee. Yet.

Update: Marvel's primary online spokeman Agent M has seemingly responded to the news of Cumberbatch's casting with a variety of tweets, broadly hinting that people who write things on the internet are generally wrong. Perhaps Deadline jumped the gun. For our sake, I hope not — partially because I think Cumberbatch is a swell choice but mostly because I'm completely goddamned sick of the Dr. Strange casting hoopla. We'll see.

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