Deadline has announced that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch is Marvel's choice to play the titular Sorcerer Supreme in the Doctor Strange movie, and talks are about to begin. Awesome. Question: If Strange faces off against Tom Hiddleston's Loki at any point, will the internet shut down in bliss?

In case you don't remember, the image above is a fun mock-up by Anne Wu made back when Cumberbatch was first rumored for the role, not an official pic or anything. So no need to freak out about Cumberbatch's tiny Cumbergoatee. Yet.


Update: Marvel's primary online spokeman Agent M has seemingly responded to the news of Cumberbatch's casting with a variety of tweets, broadly hinting that people who write things on the internet are generally wrong. Perhaps Deadline jumped the gun. For our sake, I hope not โ€” partially because I think Cumberbatch is a swell choice but mostly because I'm completely goddamned sick of the Dr. Strange casting hoopla. We'll see.