Illustration for article titled Benedict Cumberbatch on his snug emStar Trek 2/em outfit: You can almost see what religion I am

Benedict Cumberbatch discussed his little Cumber-batch's starring role in Star trek Into Darkness, thanks to the skintight suit his villainous character John Harrison wears. Courtesy of The Sun:

"The costumes look great. Some of them were very cumbersome and heavy, but some were very snug. You can almost see what religion I am."


That sound you just heard was 100,000 erotic Benedict Cumberbatch fan fic writers fainting in pure joy. But his statement does beg the question: What exactly are we going to be seeing in the movie? Will we get the uncut edition? Will there be a director's cut later on? If the latter, are Cumberbatch and J.J. Abrams still on speaking terms, or did things get too awkward?


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