Benedict Cumberbatch Is Alan Turing In The First Imitation Game Trailer

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Get a first look at Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing, computer scientist, mathematician, father of artificial intelligence and the person who cracked the German Enigma code. The Imitation Game appears to focus on the latter of Turing's accomplishments, which makes sense as solving the Germans' "uncrackable" code helped the Allies defeat the Axis Powers.

Turing's work not only saved thousands of lives; he is also still hailed as a pioneer of computer science. And his creation the "Turing Machine" could imitate any computing device or program (which we're guessing is being referenced in the title). Edit: Actually, as you all pointed out in the comments (thank you) "The Imitation Game was Turing's name for what we call a Turing Test."

Unfortunately, Turing's story has a tragic end. The scientist was forced to suffer chemical castration for being gay (a crime at the time in Britain), an act that allegedly drove him to suicide. It was a horrifying act done to a brilliant mind.


We hope Cumberbatch's movie will reflect the genius of Turing's work because Cumberbatch's last biographical movie was not so great—not that it was his fault. The Imitation Game will premiere in theaters on November 21st.

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