Benedict Cumberbatch explains how Sherlock survived his season 2 fall

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman couldn't attend the Sherlock panel at Comic-Con, but they were able to send a video message in their place. Freeman just gives a pleasant hello, but Cumberbatch decides to reveal the secret of how Sherlock survived his seemingly deadly fall in the season 2 finale... kind of.


Hilariously enough, I'm pretty sure Cumberbatch is genuinely explaining what happened underneath the "signal lost," albeit peppered with some extreme silliness. I remember Sherlock asking the coroner for a favor, which meant he could get his hands on a corpse, hence the monkey switch; there was a truck of some kind of soft material hanging around on the street that he could jump into from off the building; and I think he had more than a few minions on the ground that could place the corpse on the ground for him while he hid himself — remember how someone prevented Watson from getting too close a look at the body?

That said, I want Benedict Cumberbatch to explain everything to me with small plush monkeys from now on.

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How about having more than three episode per season. Granted those episodes are long, but even if you adjusted them to the normal one hour episodic drama it may come out to five episodes per season. Do they run their tv series that differently in the uk?