Despite tweets and speculation to the contrary, Ultimate Spider-Man writer Brian Michael Bendis would like you all to know one thing: He's really not involved with the writing of the Spider-Man movie reboot. Honest.

After his tweeting that he'd met with the Spider-Man movie team while in LA produced all manner of online chatter about whether or not this meant that he was consulting in some capacity on the new movie, Bendis elaborated on the visit on his messageboard:

[I] see quite a few web sites completely making stuff up that i never said or hinted at. i did not say i was now the writer of the movie. the movie has a writer and a damn good one. and as was just announced i am writing my own movie for universal based on my GN fire (on sale now ) all i said was i had an interesting morning over there in spidey land. and i did!! speculation is all fun and good, rumor? sure, but there's a difference between that and completely making stuff up. on a slow nerd news day, i could almost understand it, but you had all this weird dc news to make stuff up about.


Of course, that doesn't mean he couldn't have been dropping hints about how he would approach the movie were he involved...

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