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Ben Kingsley's secret Marvel Project revealed?

Illustration for article titled Ben Kingsleys secret Marvel Project revealed?

Last week, Sir Ben Kingsley spilled the beans that his time with Marvel was definitely not over. And now everyone is speculating on where his character, The Mandarin, will appear next, and this particular theory makes the most sense.


According to Latino Review, the secret project Kingsley was talking about was the next Marvel One-Shot short. Spoiler alert, the idea is pretty great: The REAL Mandarin allegedly pops up to hassle the beloved, beer-drinking actor Trevor Slattery, and word has it the real terrorist is not happy that Trevor has co-opted his namesake. Hey the more Trevor, the better.

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I'm just going to drop this here as I've not seen a single person pick up on it after Iron Man 3 was released.

There's a scene where Pepper and the "evil" woman are in a car together and the "evil" woman is still playing up that she's "good" and her boss is "evil".

The "evil" woman says something a long the lines of "I think my boss is working for the Mandarin" and Pepper says something like "Who is he?"
That's either lazy writing, because clearly Gwyneth and the writers knew it was Gillian, or it's accidental sexism writing because Pepper had no idea who "evil" woman's boss was and immediately assumes that he's a he from the only descriptive word being "boss".

If it is sexism, then it can be argued that it could equally be the assumption that someone working for a terrorist is a man or the assumption that "evil" woman's boss must be a man.

But either way... I think that line is a bit of an "oopsie" in the script writing department.