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According to Deadline, MGM and Paramount are trying to woo Tom Hiddleston into starring in the latest remake of Ben-Hur. Well, he certainly has experience in both big-budget action films and in historical epics set in Rome. Just at the start of this year, he was in the Donmar Playhouse's production of Coriolanus.


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MGM and Paramount have a release date for the film which is only a year and a half away: February 26, 2016. That seems like little time to make a true epic, so they better get casting and filming soon. They already have a director in Timur Bekmambetov, but they'll have to beat out the other projects being thrust at Hiddleston right now. Projects which include another MGM film, Me Before You, written by The Way Back scribe Keith Clarke.


Maybe it's time for Hiddleston to break out of period pieces and epics, but he is just so good at them.


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