Ben Affleck to direct the Justice League movie?

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Warner Bros. is desperate to find a way to do a Justice League movie to match Marvel's Avengers. But now that Christopher Nolan has made it clear he's not going to be dispensing Justice, who's going to step up and be Warners' answer to Joss Whedon? Rumor has it, the answer is Daredevil himself, Ben Affleck.


Variety is reporting that Affleck is the only directorial candidate thus far who's actually read the Justice League script (penned by Gangster Squad writer Will Beall). The movie will star Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Flash. So far Affleck has starred in almost every movie he's directed, so there's some speculation he could play a major role in this film, too. Let's just hope he doesn't set the whole thing in Boston.

That being said, The Town was a great movie. He's got the grainy look they could easily carry over from the Superman-the-lobster-hunter trailers. And we're exceptionally excited about his next directorial project Argo based on the true story about the fake science fiction blockbuster the CIA created to sneak a bunch of Americans out of Tehran. But then again, he hasn't helmed any big action-heavy movies of this magnitude. And Affleck's main superhero movie experience? Daredevil.


Erik Sofge

Before The Town, fine, take your cheap shots at Affleck. After The Town, and Gone Baby Gone, sorry, party's over. I'd rather him than just about everyone in Hollywood.