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Ben Affleck responds to Batman controversy in incredibly Batmanish way

Ben Affleck went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and finally addressed the Internet's complete meltdown to his casting as Batman in the Batman/Superman movie. I think Batman himself would have approved of his response: "I handle shit."


Of course, that awesome line came in the middle of a funny and charming anecdote — it begins at 1:44 in the clip above — about Warner Bros. warning him about fan insanity upon being hired, which is not particularly Batmanish in nature, but Affleck's complete dismissal of and refusal to be cowed by the adversity facing him should serve him well when he puts on the cowl in 2015 or so. I doubt it's enough to set the nerdernet's collective mind at ease, but hey, if Ben Affleck can handle fan backlash, he can definitely handle Superman.

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I really don't see how he can be worse for the part than Christian "angry voice" Bale, and I don't recall anywhere near this much acrimony at that casting. As Nolan's films prove, though, even a very weak Batman can anchor some pretty solid movies if everything else works.