Ben Affleck Even Makes Playing With Justice League Figures a Miserable Experience

Pictured: The very face of “Kill me now.” DC via YouTube
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Will Ben Affleck ever be happy about Batman again? Judging by his latest Action Figure Cringe Party, not likely.

DC recently released its latest Justice League promo video showing the stars of the film playing with their action figures. Unsurprisingly, Ezra Miller (The Flash) and Ray Fisher (Cyborg) look fucking pumped to be getting their own toys. No surprise, I’m pretty sure this is the first time they’ve gotten action figures based on their versions of the characters. “I’m the happiest person who ever felt a feeling and the feeling is happy,” Miller said, sporting the coolest sunglasses ever while holding his Flash figure aloft with pride.

The others, needless to say, were more going through the paces. After all, it’s not their first DC action figure rodeo. That is, except for Ben Affleck, who can’t seem to get through a 45-second promo without unleashing his inner blasé about still being the Batman. This man is so done, you guys. So done.

“There are two Batsuits in the movie, this is the tactical suit with the goggles. Very uncomfortable to wear, but fun to play with,” Affleck acknowledges, after pulling a smile that, in light of his constant back on forth on his future as the Dark Knight, reads more like a cry for help than it does earnest delight.



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He’d be so much prettier if he smiled more.