Ben 10 & Generator Rex Unite, The Season Finale Of Thundercats, And Ahsoka Returns To Clone Wars!

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There may have been less cartoons this week because of Thanksgiving holidays in the U.S., but they were good! Ben 10 and Generator Rex teamed up for a one hour special, Ahsoka returned for a new arc on Clone Wars, and the season finale of Thundercats saw Tygra and Lion-O square off in a duel! Minor spoilers ahead.


Ben 10/Generator Rex - "Heroes United"

This one-hour crossover special sees Ben Tenyson (from Ben 10) travel to the world of Generator Rex. Rex and Ben fight it out, as heroes are required to do upon meeting each other, only to team up to fight an Alpha Nanite attacking New York City. Shocksqatch also makes his first appearance! This clip introduces Ben Tenyson to the Generator Rex universe, with Lodestar and Wrath from Ben 10 giving Rex Salazar a hand.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Kidnapped"

Been missing Ahsoka? She's back! This episode kicks off a three part story arc that will shed light on Ahsoka's past. The peaceful people of Kiros have disappeared, and the Jedi learn that Zygerrian slavers are behind the plot. Obi-wan confronts a very Ivan Drago-inspired Zygerrian leader in a good ‘ol fashioned fist fight, while Anakin and Ahsoka split up to stop booby traps planted on Kiros. You can see Ben Kenobi box and Ahsoka fight off droidekas and defuse bombs in this clip.

Thundercats – "Between Brothers"

The season finale to Thundercats! And better yet, Season 2 has been green lit! This episode sees Lion-O and Tygra face off against Mumm-Ra (and each other), Grune betray Mumm-Ra, and Cheetara decides which Thundercat she likes the best. You can see the best part of the Lion-O and Tygra duel in this clip.


Robot Chicken – "The Core, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover"

Robot Chicken gives us a rare (and darn realistic – this must be Grant Morrison inspired) insight into the home life of Clark and Lois Kent. Clark is fired from his job at the Daily Planet, which is now only available via iPod app. Lois is angry, as always - Supes should have gone after Wonder Woman. Clark, playing the role of a good hubby, flies around the world to turn back time so Lois can see Top Chef. If I talk, I'll just spoil more – you can see the segment in its entirety in this clip!


South Park "A History Channel Thanksgiving"

This one is a couple weeks old, but if you are like me, your family fell into a light coma after Thanksgiving dinner and watched basic cable history documentaries. The History Channel wouldn't lie, would it? They do seem to fit ancient aliens into any subject, and now it's time for Matt Parker & Trey Stone to inject aliens into Thanksgiving. Lots of Dune references in this episode, with Natalie Portman making an appearance in a VERY bizarre deus ex machina move.


Robot Chicken airs Sunday nights on Cartoon Network. Generator Rex, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Thundercats air Friday nights on the Cartoon Network.



Of those I watch:

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Visually, a damn fantastic episode. Apparently, the series character artists decided that *all* Togrutas (Ahsoka's race) are required by galactic law to be eligible for the cover of Vogue, Runway, or Alien-Abercrombie and Fitch because an entire colony of them are insanely beautiful to look at. Given the design of now more mature Ahsoka and the appearance of Shaak Ti last season, that really shouldn't come as a surprise. As to the plot, well, frankly, the beginning of this new arc could have been more impactful in regards to it's effect on Anakin. It's revealed that an entire race of Slavers is working with the Confederation, exchanging bodies for massive wealth that was lost to the Jedi decades ago. For those who saw The Phantom Menace it's clear this business approach would not go over well with Anakin. However, while we see some small moments of Annie going all *Cue Darkside Sound Effect* that is curtailed by the presence of Obi-Wan who takes it upon himself to deal with the leader of the Separatists forces on world as said leader is a member of the Slavers while the Jedi Master also assigns Ahsoka to watch her own Master for signs that he might need a Darkside Intervention.

Honestly, this really disappointed me. The fact is, as we get closer to Episode III's time-frame we really need to start seeing more signs of the Anakin to come. Having this Episode focus on only Anakin and Ahsoka would have been to it's benefit as we could have explored more indepth Anakin's past as a Slave (something he apparently *never* mentioned to Ahsoka despite all the grueling experiences they've shared and the close, almost familiar bond between them that has been forming for over four years. Nice plot hole for the sake of the episode Clone Wars writers...) The Episode could have easily featured Ahsoka disarming the explosive devices placed all over the village to keep the Republic at bay while jumping to Anakin pursuing the Slaver with no intention to bring him to Legal Justice, only the Justice of a Force Choke. But, we had to have Obi-Wan Snarky Commenting/Bantering his way through the episode. Ah well, the rest of the arc has a lot of potential to take Anakin and Ahsoka to the same Dark places we haven't really seen since The Mortis Trilogy from last Season.

Thundercats: Honestly, I'm quite done with this series. Whether it comes back for a season 2 or not I'm just at a complete loss over what happened to this show. I've gone on, ad nauseum, about how different the series has become since the Premier and how it almost seems like a completely separate show from what was featured in the first two episodes. In "Between Brothers" we have the boiling over of the Rivalry the writers essentially pulled out of the ether for the sake of the last two episodes. Lion-O and Tygra on the astral plane are shown one (not several to, you know, wear down their fortitude; I mean, after all, the Future Lord of the Thundercats shouldn't have to have a Strong Will or anything...) "Stand By Me" memory of a moment from their childhood, this flashback courtesy of Palpa...I mean, Mum-Ra, who has conveniently followed them through the portal in the Shaolin Elephant Village's Broom Closet. Yeah, sadly, I'm really not making that up. In any case, the pair witness of memory of Tygra goading kid Lion-O into trying to cross Train Tra...I mean, a well, prompting Lion-O to fall almost to his death. The "twist" (not the first, if you can call it that...) is that Tygra, you know, the brother that is supposedly loyal and has, up until the last two episodes, fought nobly by Lion-O's side since the near start of their quest, caused Lion-O to fall, seemingly trying to kill the younger brother and future heir to the Throne he's always been jealous of. Or did he? See, that's never very clearly explained. Aside from a reference from Adult Lion-O (who likewise falls into the Well and is, likewise, rescued) that the Astral Plane is making their painful memories (all one of them) and emotions come alive it's never clearly discussed whether Tygra's attempted fratricide was real or not.

To ad insult to injury the show follows this romping adventure up with another "Twist," namely that it is revealed that Cheetara, who has spent the *entire* series thus far batting eye-lashes at, touching, holding, softly talking to, and cheek kissing Lion-O has, this entire time, in fact, been in love with Tygra. We are meant to believe this simply thanks to a flashback in the previous episode which showed young Guardsmen Tygra meeting young Pre-Cleric Orphan Cheetara (Holy Cliche Batman) the former giving the girl a flower as she sat waiting to gain entrance to said Clerics. Apparently what remains of said flower was kept by Cheetara as a sign of love for the man who has always been there for her. You know, despite the fact that *no* indication of this has been given, at all, over the course of the entire series save for the aforementioned flashback. Yeah...apparently the show's writers attended the M. Night Shyamalan School of Plot Twists because one could drive a Semi through the hole there. The Episode ends with Cheetara (thanks writers for turning the show's strong female protagonist into, essentially, a giant flirt and a tease) kissing Tygra full bore with poor Lion-O watching from the shadows nearby in shock, essentially seeing the culmination of the prophecy given to him in the previous episode that, by the end of the day, he would feel betrayed by his brother, of course one can overlook that said prophecy would have been better phrased as, "You will feel betrayed by those nearest you." So, yeah, that ended season one of Thundercats; though, frankly, for me, it might as well be the Series Finale. I can not begin to express my great disappointment. This was a series I have been looking forward to since it's reveal at Comic-Con 2010 and with such a strong premier I was certain it would be one of the best new series of 2011. Sadly, my expectations were set way too high. Perhaps the show, if it gets a second season (haven't bothered to check) will improve, taking the show back to the focused plot and outstanding character development of the premier. Frankly, I'm not getting my hopes up.