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There may have been less cartoons this week because of Thanksgiving holidays in the U.S., but they were good! Ben 10 and Generator Rex teamed up for a one hour special, Ahsoka returned for a new arc on Clone Wars, and the season finale of Thundercats saw Tygra and Lion-O square off in a duel! Minor spoilers ahead.

Ben 10/Generator Rex - "Heroes United"

This one-hour crossover special sees Ben Tenyson (from Ben 10) travel to the world of Generator Rex. Rex and Ben fight it out, as heroes are required to do upon meeting each other, only to team up to fight an Alpha Nanite attacking New York City. Shocksqatch also makes his first appearance! This clip introduces Ben Tenyson to the Generator Rex universe, with Lodestar and Wrath from Ben 10 giving Rex Salazar a hand.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Kidnapped"

Been missing Ahsoka? She's back! This episode kicks off a three part story arc that will shed light on Ahsoka's past. The peaceful people of Kiros have disappeared, and the Jedi learn that Zygerrian slavers are behind the plot. Obi-wan confronts a very Ivan Drago-inspired Zygerrian leader in a good ‘ol fashioned fist fight, while Anakin and Ahsoka split up to stop booby traps planted on Kiros. You can see Ben Kenobi box and Ahsoka fight off droidekas and defuse bombs in this clip.

Thundercats – "Between Brothers"

The season finale to Thundercats! And better yet, Season 2 has been green lit! This episode sees Lion-O and Tygra face off against Mumm-Ra (and each other), Grune betray Mumm-Ra, and Cheetara decides which Thundercat she likes the best. You can see the best part of the Lion-O and Tygra duel in this clip.


Robot Chicken – "The Core, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover"

Robot Chicken gives us a rare (and darn realistic – this must be Grant Morrison inspired) insight into the home life of Clark and Lois Kent. Clark is fired from his job at the Daily Planet, which is now only available via iPod app. Lois is angry, as always - Supes should have gone after Wonder Woman. Clark, playing the role of a good hubby, flies around the world to turn back time so Lois can see Top Chef. If I talk, I'll just spoil more – you can see the segment in its entirety in this clip!


South Park "A History Channel Thanksgiving"

This one is a couple weeks old, but if you are like me, your family fell into a light coma after Thanksgiving dinner and watched basic cable history documentaries. The History Channel wouldn't lie, would it? They do seem to fit ancient aliens into any subject, and now it's time for Matt Parker & Trey Stone to inject aliens into Thanksgiving. Lots of Dune references in this episode, with Natalie Portman making an appearance in a VERY bizarre deus ex machina move.


Robot Chicken airs Sunday nights on Cartoon Network. Generator Rex, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Thundercats air Friday nights on the Cartoon Network.


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