"Ben 10" Draws Record Numbers For Cartoon Network

The Cartoon Network had its biggest ratings in the channel's history last week when it aired the live-action Ben 10: Race Against Time made for television movie. The show, about a 10-year-old kid who can transform into 10 different aliens using a device called the Omnitrix, pulled in almost four million viewers. It dominated both network and cable TV.

Inspired by Shazam, Ben 10 is about ten-year-old Ben Tennyson coming into accidental contact with a powerful alien device, The Omnitrix. Looking like a clunky wristwatch, it allows Ben to transform into one of the 10 aliens in his repertoire when he gives the dial a spin. The effects are short-lived, but each alien race has different powers that aid him in his quest to bust the alien baddies that come looking for the Omnitrix.


The show has been airing for the past year on the Cartoon Network, and its high ratings finally paid off: the channel greenlit a live-action adaptation with Alex Winter (Bill S. Preston, Esquire from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure) directing, and the Six Million Dollar Man himself, Lee Majors, playing Grandpa Max. With numbers this big, you can bet they'll order up a sequel. In the meantime, if you like campy animation with cool alien tech, then you can spend some time catching up. At the very least, you'll know what one of the must-have toys for kids will be this year.

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