If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a piece of Twilight, do we have some news for you: On November 19 and 20, the Prop Shop is holding a two-day live auction of over 900 props from all five Twilight movies in Los Angeles, including costumes, jewelry, even Jacob’s motorcycle. But who cares about that? Here are the weird, stupid and/or insane Twilight items you can actually own, if you’re willing to pay the price.

The Wooden Fishing Bear on Bella’s Home’s Front Porch

An Impressive Amount of Forks High School-Related Print Media

The Bases Used in the Cullen Family’s Ridiculous Vampire Baseball Game

The Leg Brace Bell Wears in Twilight, Which Seems to Be a Completely Normal Leg Brace

The Ribbon Bella Managed to Cut Herself on in New Moon

Movie Tickets to Facepunch, Seen by Bella While Moping Over Edward

A Pair of Jacob’s Jorts

Jacob’s Very Uncomfortable-Looking Cot

A Broken Cellphone Destroyed by Edward

Two of Jacob’s Socket Wrenches, One of Which Is Functional and the Other Is Just a Prop

Charmingly Silly Werewolf Stand-In Used for Filming

A Foam Tip Rock Shard That Bella Once Touched

Edward’s Wedding Suit, Which Is Stained With Regular Blood

Bella’s Casket from Breaking Dawn, Which Again Seems to Be a 100 Percent Normal Casket

The Dog Bowl the Cullens Obnoxiously Served Jacob a Snack In

The Prosthetic Belly Kristen Stewart Wore to Portray Being Pregnant With a Womb-Destroying Half-Vampire Baby

And, as Promised, the Afterbirth-Stained Costumes of Bella and Edward


For more on the auction, including instruction on how to bid, attend, or just photos of more pieces, visit this site.