Being John Malkovich, Again

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For Europeans, the chance to get inside John Malkovich's head is more than just a concept from a Spike Jonze movie. Malkovich has joined forces with Sony to create something called the Vaio-John project, which offers people the chance to see short movies of Malkovich discussing grand topics and influences, see what Sony computers he likes to use at home, and complete a script that he's written the first scene of.

The on-line script writing challenge will allow others to be inspired by John's initial chapter and decide for themselves how the story should unfold. Having submitted their chapter to the website, both John and visitors to the site can vote for their favourite entry before it is linked to the master script. Over a period of 4 months one scene will be selected each month from entries all over Europe. VAIO with John hope to create a seamless story-line, albeit one we will not know the final conclusion to until the last chapter is added.

The project is something John is excited by; "Conventional wisdom says you can't do science fiction with say...period drama. Or maybe you can?"


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