Being Human is back and even darker than before! Suicide attempts, bloody spa baths, and sexual switheroos mark the fourth season of this supernatural soap. We're about to see a lot of big, big changes for our gaggle of misfit monsters.

The season premiere of Being Human took place a few months after the final episode, and it looks like things have only gotten worse for our main characters. Nora and Aidan have been tasked with the care of Josh, who has become a reverse werewolf. Instead of turning into a wolf on the full moon, poor Josh is full wolf day and night EXCEPT when there is a full moon. So when Josh is a man, Nora (who is a normal werewolf) is a wolf. They only experience a few sad, fleeting moments together (they use to have hot, hot, straw-in-the-beard sex, naturally) and then it's quarantine time. It's all very Ladyhawke which the writers actually MENTION in this episode and THAT, RIGHT THERE is why I will continue to watch this show.


Even if I must be subjected to yet another episode of ghost purgatory at least the jokes are good. Let's get real, this show is at its best when it's simply focused in on the three "I'll do anything for you" besties and how they grapple the never ending mound of shit they are handed each week. This was only reinforced when Josh walked over to the ever patient Aidan during his one night of humanity, and Aidan immediately handed him a beer.

I cannot stress enough how much I like these actors.


That being said, ENOUGH WITH THE PURGATORY. I cannot do ghost purgatory again, even when it's being held in a very nice spa-like setting. And I'll hand it to whomever thought up "eternal spa day" — that's neat. But thank the all knowing sky beast that this ghostly jail cell was seemingly patched up in some manner in one episode.

On the plus side of Sally and Donna's forever imprisonment, we're now seeing a whole new side to this last season baddie. Perhaps the witch who ate the souls of Sally's friends wasn't such a monster after all. Or maybe it's complicated. Either way I'm very excited that she's sticking around. Especially because her position in last night's drama allowed for a very cool reveal.


I'm talking about the scene where Sally fled her ghost jail and wound up hanged in a Wal-Mart (or something that looks like a Wal-Mart that's named Shop Mart or something because it's TV). Sally was reliving Donna's hanging death which took place many, many years ago and now is the center for 25 cent oranges. It was pretty fantastic to watch a bunch of ghost pilgrims scream at a hanging ghost in the middle of this place. Well done.

Moving right along to Aidan. How is he doing now that it was deemed time to fit him with a girlfriend named Kat? Well, NOT GREAT BOB. Aidan's wifey is back. Yes his Ye Olden wife who was drowned for being a witch is back and very much alive and totally into getting back with Aidan, maybe. Where has she been all this time? And is anyone getting the vibe that Aidan would happily trade Kat for ..... eh his first wife *waves hand* whatever her name. Plus WHY did this series insist on casting two brunettes who look so familiar? I'm fairly excited to find out more about this old wife situation mainly because I really only know Aidan when he's lugging around ten tons of ridiculous guilt, so this will be more of the same.


Also turns out Aidan's brand new son (the bubble boy) is back and that's all very exciting, mostly because I really don't have any other vampire characters to get excited about. However we all loved Bishop (and it looks like he's back in the promos for flashbacks) and I adored the Amish Vampires. So let's give the creators some space maybe the King Vampire Kid will turn out alright.

Truly the heart and soul of this return was all about the moon-crossed werewolf lovers Nora and Josh. The boy pup can't see a way out of this hell and turns to suicide by silver knife (which — ha!). Aidan who had the witty retort that he spent a century wanting to kill himself so he can read suicidal signs, doesn't really buy that Josh wants to end it all. But one more passing with Nora pushes the pup over the edge and he heads out into the wilderness so his friends will be forced to kill him. But instead of stabbing Josh in wolf form to death, Sally firestarters all that shit and they tranquilize the wolf.


Thinking about this deeper, forcing your friends to kill you with a KNIFE (or you will kill them) is an exceedingly shitty way to go out. Josh, you're better than this.

And that's where I'm leaving it, in a dark, dark place. I didn't think there was much farther for this show to fall (darkness wise) but I was wrong. Reverse werewolf is really just tremendously sad. Mostly for the short times you get to see Josh struggling with his own glimpses of humanity. It's good, and thank god this show is funny or this would just be too sad and soapy for me. Here's to another year!