Being Human shows us what a Were-Baby looks like

Just FYI, it looks gross. Real gross. Spoilers ahead.

This week on Being Human, Nora and Josh met new werewolf friends that were also werewolf pregnant. And such is the rule of Chekhov's gun, you cannot show a brand new, very pregnant character in a drama if her womb isn't going to go off, and off it went. This new couple, whose names aren't really important at this stage, end up delivering the baby in Nora and Josh's bed, because thess are the rules. And the result was pretty yikes.

The were-baby kind of reminded me of the creepy Voldemort Baby line, which had all sorts of creepy infant nightmares that one can purchase and... honestl,y I don't know what you would do with a silicone infant made to look like a lizard person. Either way, the baby was very well done for a gross half-human, half-wolf, blood-covered infant. Oh, and it made a TERRIBLE howling noise that was especially thoughtful. The parents loved the baby, and eventually it transformed into a human baby and we were all put at ease. I'm not sure how they are going to raise this thing, but then again it should only transform during a full moon, so they could just get a kennel. So maybe they wouldn't have to change their lives that much. Good for whatstheirfaces!


Meanwhile ,Josh and Nora did what all childless couples do in dramas, they sat and talked about how terrible it would be to actually posses sa human child while shooting wistful glances at the "just-off camera" spot on the wall.

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Aw, they want a baby. A gross were-baby all their own! And they should have a baby. Nora and Josh are super cute and very protective over just about everything they come into direct contact with. Maybe this is foreshadowing — maybe Nora will get pregnant and we can have more howling baby hound FX creatures to play with on this series. Either way, I hope they go for it. It may be obvious but sometimes, the most obvious step is the right one.

Moving on, who else? Oh, right, Sally. The ghost girl with the fabulous kneesock/boot combo reconnected with Zoe. Instead of screaming and throwing salt at Sally, Zoe helped her out. Or rather, tried to detour anyone Sally wanted to meddle with because Sally is a freaking curse. Yadda yadda, Zoe is with a human girl now and we still have no idea what's going on with Lil' Smoky. However, I am happy they decided to keep the name.


Onto the vampire. I found it funny that Aidan was giving advice to Sally; it was great advice, but he's kind of crap at relationships. Either way, it was delivered earnestly and as member of the "do as I say, not as I do" church, I know there was goodness intended behind it.

In all reality Aidan should not be with Kat. At all. Even his ex-wife, She-Blade, knows this. I mean, aren't they still legally married? Or at least spiritually married, since they were both fairly religious at one point, right? Or at least they went to church because that was what you did in ye olden days? The bottom line is vampires shouldn't be in relationships with humans because it always ends the same as Susannah explained. And this will no doubt end in tears or blood as well. Aidan knows this, perhaps this is why he felt the need to "reveal" himself to her. Of course Kat laughs at his "I'm a vampire" monologue, and honestly, Aidan should kind of know that this was how it was going to turn out. Flash the eyes and teeth first, THEN say you're a vampire. Shock then awe.


To be brutally honest, this season is missing something. Something hot, something dangerous. At first I thought it was going to be Josh (and it still could be). I miss the Amish vampires, or Bishop, or something bigger than the roommates. Perhaps this Li'l Smoky is something I should be holding out for. The reveal that she is still around was spooky enough, but not "awesome Amish Vampires in weird cocoons" awesome. Right now we seem to be on a slow burn, just waiting for Aidan and Susannah to hook up again in a love embrace of understanding. That line about her being the only person on the planet who knows what Aidan was like as a human had weight. He's going to be so pissed if she's dusted. And I would like to see them BE HUMAN together for a little while, even if they're not. There's a lot of guilt, shame, love, remorse, and familiarity that's just waiting to bubble over for these two. So until the wolf baby becomes the new overlord of Boston, I will eagerly await Aidan to hook back up with his wife.

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Bogus Maximus

The odds of Kat surviving the season are pretty slim. She's a likable character who isn't a monster involved with a vampire who's caught between a kid he can't control and a psycho (ex?)-wife who kills monsters, and Aidan just "came out of the casket" to her. On a show that revolves around emotionally tormenting its cast, that doesn't bode well.