Being Human Season Two: The One Where Everything Goes Wrong

Syfy's version of the British hit Being Human returns tonight, and it sounds like the show cranks up the torture machine right away. We got a chance to talk to the show's stars a while back, and they told us to expect nothing but suffering and horrible mistakes from the very first minutes of the season.

"Basically, just from the beginning of the season, it starts nosediving" for all three characters, says Sam Witwer, who plays the vampire Aidan. "I wasn't expecting how bad things were going to get so fast."


"I love that they get right into it in the second season," adds Meaghan Rath, who plays Sally Malik, the ghost.

And Witwer has another promise for us about season two:

If Aidan was the guy who was making all the worst choices and going down the darker paths [in season one], this year it's all three of them. Especially [Sally].

The characters will be running into more and more danger, promises Sam Huntington, who plays Josh the werewolf. At the end of every episode, you'll be scared for them and the people they care about.

And meanwhile, Aidan will have a hard time with being forced to associate with other vampires more often. Says Witwer:

If you look at Aidan as a drug addict, as someone who's trying to stay clean, one of the things he has to do to maintain that is he has to stay away from his old drug buddies. Well, he can't do that now. He has to full-on engage all of them, and there's so many, and there are different tiers and political obligations and stuff. And there's a sort of mafia thing that I can't get into, but it's very cool and it really works. And the thing that I think is so interesting about all the characters is, that a lot of them end up making pretty bad choices for some pretty good reasons.


Meanwhile, Huntington hints that Josh's romance is probably doomed. And he also says werewolves will never be as organized as vampires, because "they're just messier. They eat their own poop. So they're just not as bright."

Separately, we also got to talk to the stars and creator of Lost Girl, the Canadian series that's debuting tonight on Syfy at 10 PM. Anna Silk, who plays a succubus named Bo, told us that succubi are "something that we haven't seen before. And I think that when you have that kind of sexual side to a character it makes for interesting view."


And producer Jay Firestone told us the show features every kind of supernatural creature you can think of, living in a secret society among humans. The show features way more types of creatures than other similar shows, and has a "much bigger world" than True Blood. And Emmanuelle Vaugier told us she plays the leader of the dark fae, the Morrigan, who runs a talent agency and feeds off the energy of young musicians and artists "and leave them dead in my wake."

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