Being Human just rebooted the whole series. Here's why that's great.

I loved last night's episode of Being Human. Itwas super duper bold, ridiculously fan servicey, and a lot of fun. So much fun. Seriously, this show found the fun and brought it back. Thank goodness.

Up until now, I was resigned to finish out the fourth and final Being Human season with a few more vampire flashbacks, a couple more scantily clad dead girls, and a shot of Josh walking around holding his man parts. Good news, we got all of that in this one episode AND a whole new twisty plot.

Last week, Sally revealed that she was stuck in a time warp limbo, which is a thing the writers spent most of this season building up. And now we know why. Because they wanted to reboot the entire series and play around with your beloved characters — but not really damage the core plot line. OR ARE THEY?


Sally jumps into her past self a few moments before she's about to be murdered by her ex-fiance. And instead of falling down the stairs and becoming the cutest ghost to ever haunt the most ridiculously underpriced FULL home in Boston, she lives! And now Sally is getting another shot at life. What's the first thing Sally does after she kicks out her no-good murderous boy? Burn her sweater. You guys, I love this show.

Moving on. So of course things don't all go as planned. Sally's best friend since third grade starts dating her ex. No offense, Sally — but if your best bud starts sleeping with your ex-fiance (that you accused of hurting you) you have a bad friend. And no surprise there, he murders her friend. Meanwhile, Sally doesn't have time to feel too terribly bad about the switcheroo, because she's alive!

And after a bit of stalking, she gets Aidan and Josh back into her life. After spilling the beans that she's (sort of) from the future, Sally, Josh and Aidan wind up all living together again. And wooooo — Sally and Aidan start having movie-tent-sheet-sex that is not only impossible, but WAY TOO WARM.

Sally and Aidan are doing the nasty, and the only thing left is Josh. Sally the "guardian angel" meddles some more, and now things really start to spiral out to hell. Josh meets Nora, falls for Nora, but werewolfs it all up. Sally gets scratched in the crosshairs, and now she's a werewolf too. And things continue to get worse.


You see, because Sally interjected into Aidan and Josh's lives neither of them got to learn things the hard way. Aidan didn't kill a ton of girls, but he also didn't have to face his fears with Bishop. Josh never learned that not all werewolves can be trusted. Tons of life lessons were sidestepped, because Sally "helped out."

All of a sudden, our little ghost girl is realizing she traded her own happiness for that of her friends. When Aidan turns his back on Josh, she realizes that this isn't the vampire she loves.


Here is my question: Can Sally love this version of Aidan, but not the actual real life Sally-is-dead version? Or did she make another Aidan that she thinks she loves like a lover, but doesn't really? She does love Aidan, just not like this. Does that mean she really DOESN'T love the original Aidan sexually? Or is that swapped? I'm confused.

But it's a good confused! This was fun, and what about all the returning characters! So many faces from the first season — good characters, good times. Ray and that red-headed guy, and the girl that Aidan had to stab to death because he turned her into a blood sucker. AH! Good times, this was fun to revisit and mess around with.


Looks like the next episode will continue to be set in the past, and that's OK for now. I like watching a bottomed out Josh lose his shit all over. As for Aidan... well, he's a little more bitchy than I would like but maybe Sally's second death will snap him out of it. Probably not, though. I forsee Josh and Aidan kicking each other's future (past) asses. The showdown begins!

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I love the turn the show has taken. Was worried that it would do a slow fade away. I think this shows that writers when they don't have to worry about the next season and the one after that, can actually write with an end in sight, but.....

Vampires have no heart beat, meaning no blood flow, meaning explain erections in the undead