Being Human is back, kind of. Honestly still not sure what to make of this season, but at least the show is starting to feel like its old self again.

First up apologies for missing the recap last week, but...


As you can see from this picture of myself, I was sick. Sorry, much better — let's move on.

And that's a shame, because last week was a fun episode. There was a bit of excellent historical vampire hair flashback. We got to see Aidan in his best little old-timey mustache. It was scary, both for the mustache and for the women that he murdered. It was all very clappy, clappy, camp, camp. Especially when he started singing to his victim and later showed up drunk to the werewolf party and did this:


And that's good, because this show is at its best when its bridging the gap between cute and campy. Aidan continued on his blood binge, hitting on Sally and doing "the curtain." It was all very odd, and I am NOT a fan of these two getting together so I'm glad it's over. ON TO THIS WEEK.

Do you guys remember Sally's probably real life brother (no I'm not looking it up) Robbie? Of course you do, because that is literally Sally with a TERRIBLE wig. Seriously, they are both very pretty but Robbie's present-day hair has got to go. Moving on. Pretty, pretty Robbie shows up and says, "GET OUT." Because he has papers and forms, and is going to sell their house. He even goes as far as moving into the basement, so he can continue to sell the house and figure out why it smells like hell (Sally did it), which I'm sure is a totally legal thing to do. But there's no time to debate it — because Robbie is now dead. Killed by the brand new kid closet ghost Lil' Smoky, whom we have really got to get to know.

Full truth? I'm OK with Robbie dying, because hopefully this means no more Robbie flashbacks. We didn't need to know that Sally and Robbie love each other because that was already established when she basically sacrificed her life for him many episodes ago. However I would totally be down for a man in the mirror acting exercise where Sally and Robbie stand facing each other in front of a frame and copy what the other person is doing.


Moving on, because that's all you really need to know about Robbie and Sally is that he is maybe now dead. That being said, my money is on someone giving him CPR — and this is all just a out-of-body experience (which incidentally would be perfect for a mirror gag).

On to Josh and Nora. Surprise... they joined the pack. Why? I guess because things went SO well at the werewolf baby party, they just had to join? Right? Of course not right. Eh, I'm not bothered I like seeing the werewolf dynamic take place. So Josh and Nora phase with their new werewolf friends and new werebaby and do not show us any of the werewolf baby as a werewolf, and yet make wildly insupportable claims that said werebaby was cuter than a cat video. A CAT VIDEO. Shenanigans. If you're going to make unsubstantiated claims about things being cuter than internet cat videos, you need to show this video or else you are just a liar.

Unfortunately for Josh his wolf bangs another wolf while they are wolf people.


Because OF COURSE HE DID. Josh, the noblest of all human wolf peoples, cheated on his wife of one month (or something). OF. COURSE. HE. DID. I refuse to believe you, Being Human. In fact, I reject your drama. It did not happen and is not real — this is not our puppy and I refuse to believe it. The husband of the woman he allegedly wolf-diddled shows up and Josh, understandably Hulks out.

Josh wins, because the wolfman always wins. And Nora kicks Josh out of her bedroom because he cheated on her in wolf form. I'm with her. If your wolf knows not to kill Nora while a wolf, it can make "I shan't fuck that" decisions as well.


And now Aidan. Oh Aidan. Aidan. Aidan. Aidan. Aidan. Aidan the weak-willed vampire. He and his wife FINALLY do it, standing up awkwardly in a bar. I'm very happy with this character. Out of all these supernaturals, she is the one with the most common sense and will power. She has a good job, smarts and a pretty good mission: "Kill all the vampires." However she's clearly weighed down from the guilt of killing her only child in a blood lust, which... we getcha, girl. Suzanna is just great, and I'm glad she's getting some even if she did look throughly annoyed with her husband right afterwards. (Didn't she?)

At the end, they agreed to continue bumping uglies if Aidan could give up killing people for blood and she could give up killing vampires. Guess who fails? It's Aidan, AIDAN FAILS. Once again he's seen in his pilot pose, crying at the foot of a dead girl's bedroom. Gah, Aidan, you are so bad at being a non-killing vampire. But that's OK — you make it more interesting. But seriously we cannot wait until your wife tells you she killed your kids. He's going to fah-lip.


All in all, I was just happy to get Aidan and Josh in a bar talking about problems. It felt like old times. Pair that with all the spinning plot plates and you once again have a supernatural soap that I don't mind giving my time to. Feels like this show is back on track.

Until next week, let's all practice having forward facing lens standing sex like the pretty vampire people do!