Now we know why there's a new character on this series!

Not a ton happened last night on Being Human. Josh (who is now cured of being a reverse werewolf, but still has issues) goes back to work, and then quits when the wolf inside of him tries to get out. Nora gets cured of her scars (remember that plot line?). And Sally finds out why she keeps going into the past — possibly to save a little girl. The one that she keeps seeing being sacrificed. That is unless the whole thing is a trap, which it very well could be.


But the most interesting part of last night is the big Blade-esque reveal. Turns out Aidan's old-timey wife is a new fangled vampire killer! As you can see from the footage. Aidan and his vampire spawn Kenny have reconnected. Interesting side note: Kenny can now glamour or compel (or whatever) vampires as well as people. Only downside is, he gets SUPER hungry when he does it. OK. GOOD TO KNOW.

But no time to chat, because the cool new vampire club that Kenny built (convenient!) has been attacked by a new lady Blade, who is Aidan's Wife. Dun Dun Dunnnnnn!


And there you have it, kind of a treading water episode — but now we know what's going on with Aidan's wife: Vampire-killing, self-hating stuff. The best kind of stuff for vampires everywhere, as we all know. Until next week, let's hope the kid Sally keeps seeing maintains the nickname "lil' smokey."

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