Being Human does Days of Our Lives' Possessed Marlena story

Remember that old Days Of Our Lives storyline where Marlena was possessed by a demon and spent 10 years floating over her bed? Last night, Being Human borrowed the voice and contacts from Marlena, slapped them on Sally, and then told everyone she's sleeping with her alternate personality. I dont even know what to do with this episode. It just didn't make any sense at all.


Spoilers ahead...

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So, long story short... Sally is a ghost and when ghosts stick around too long, they go crazy. Sally got split spirit personalities, and started killing everyone. Then her alternate persona (in the form of Keanu Reeves-light) took over her body (which we guess is technically his body too). Now she's trapped in her own mind in a grey world with purple sweaters, engaged to her own persona.

Cowlick and Chin try to help Sally, because they need something to do this episode, and apparently we can't have her running around killing other ghosts (yes you can kill a ghost!). So they find Sally's old friend Zoe, who is also dating a ghost that Sally murdered (only Zoe doesn't know it yet). Yada yada, Sally (who is trapped in salt and can't get out) can still close doors and windows (but can't move a chair to disperse her salt force field). So she traps Chin and Cowlick in with Zoe and because every night is a full moon Josh is going to turn and kill her, and Aidan is going to eat her (because he has no restraint).

This whole plotline is exhausting. When Zoe discovers that Sally ghost killed her boyfriend she yells, "she can rot in there!" Yes! Why not that? Why can't we just let Sally live inside her own head, with her perfect man and her engagement party with people that she likes? Wasn't Sally robbed of this very life? I know they need to get her out to save Zoe from the impending doom, but if I was Sally, I'd retreat right back into the life I wanted and was denied by being murdered. She could clearly walk around outside and buy flowers — isn't this better than being a ghost?

And that is where this episode lost me. Somehow they needed to tie up this Reaper storyline, and apparently getting Sally engaged to herself was the answer. Meanwhile elsewhere, actual interesting stuff was happening (finally) with the vampires and werewolves. But instead, we had to pump the brakes for this. To quote Josh, "I feel like I'm the only one trying anymore."



See now, I thought it completely made sense. Sally would build a 'safe world' in her head to hide from the reality of who she is and what she's done. And 'Scott/Reaper' is the embodiment of her ideal man: the one that Danny never was.

I said it on O-Deck: this was the best episode of the season. It was a "bottle" episode, in that they were effectively trapped in a bottle, right? (bottle being the house, of course). It left all the drama of 3 separate characters behind and focused on what the whole show was supposed to be about: the three of them helping each other.

Granted, it was slightly more cerebral and abstract than past episodes (all the purple, and why she split mentally in the first place) but it was a nice departure from the predictable story arc we've seen to date.

Add to that great snippets and revelations: why vamps don't drink wolfie blood (that had to be one of the best parts of the episode, thanks to Witwer's performance)

Writing off Sally via Zoe's exclamation "she can rot in there" is hard to swallow: it's established fairly quickly that, left unchecked, 'Reaper' will dominate and cut loose on the ghost world. Zoe ultimately helps because she wants to save other ghosts from the fate of the support group and that of her ghost beau (which she finds out later of course, but still...).

Another point: of COURSE Sally has more power than she knows: they've been hinting at that for awhile now. Take away her insecurity, fear, and inhibitions, and why wouldn't she be able to throw up a force field around the house? Also, the forcefield is passive, while moving specific things is active, right?

Highlights of the episode, in no particular order:

* "allergic reaction" to wolf blood

* Josh essentially taking charge while fighting pre-change emotional roller coaster

* Aidan's 'fang flash' to show Zoe he's a vamp

* fun bickering bro-mance moments between Aidan and Josh

* Sally looking stylish and hot (and I mean that more from a "hey she's not dressed in the same damned ghost clothes for once". ANY change of outfit/look for her is nice to see.)

* Zoe having a little more depth of character

* Revelations galore to Zoe

* Josh confronting Aidan and Aidan admitting to his 'fall off the wagon'

* everybody dealing with their own sh** while trying to deal with everybody else's.

I do still like the description of them as 'Cowlick and Chin" though.

Meredith, we've butted heads on opinions before about certain reviews before (and doubtless will again), but please know I respect your opinion: I just feel strongly about the opposing view on this one.