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Actually, I think this toy of Weyland-Yutani corporate sleaze Carter Burke might be the first figure of Paul Reiser, period. So if you're looking to begin your collection of Beverly Hills Cop, Mad About You or My Two Dads toys, you need to be on the look-out for Diamond Select's upcoming Aliens Mini-Mates set.


The other figures in the series includes "dropship pilot Spunkmeyer and Colonial Marine Wierzbowski, plus nine Xenomorphs in three different varieties." It's just the beginning of Diamond's Aliens line, which will eventually include all the humans, including Newt (who will come with her trademark severed doll's head, which she can carry around by the hair. Fun!).

Also: You think Trevor Steedman, the actor who played Mike Wierzbowski, did a fist-pump when he learned that his incredibly minor character would not only get a figure, but it would be included in the first wave? Have a beer, Mr. Steedman. Today is a good day.


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