Behold The Unearthly Delights Of H.R. Giger's Personal Sculpture Garden

Yesterday the world lost artist H.R. Giger, a man whose horrors have left an indelible mark on our movies. Giger's home garden is a treasure trove of his artwork, filled with unnerving sculptures that seem pulled from an alien world.

Artist Christopher Cooper visited Giger's Zurich home in 2002 and had the opportunity to photograph the pieces inside and outside the house. The exterior includes a massive installation of Giger's work, a fountain topped by an uncomfortably erotic form, and bizarre totems scattered about. It has that perfect Giger balance of nightmare and fascination, filled with small surprises and details that make us wish we could inspect every inch of the space. You can see much more of the garden and some of the interior of Giger's home in Cooper's Flickr gallery.

Thanks so much to Cooper for allowing us to post a few of the photos here. You can see his own work (some of it NSFW) at The Art of COOP.


A Visit To H.R. Giger's House [Christopher Cooper on Flickr]

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