Last night, South Park used Oculus Rift and The Matrix to fall into a virtual reality hole where nothing was what it seemed. And everyone was being told that their reality "wasn't real"—over and over, until we ended up just as lost as the kids. And then there was a twist.

Warning: spoilers in this clip for the end of the episode.

Basically, Cartman makes a fake Oculus Rift to prank Butters into thinking he's in a fake reality (but he's really just walking around doing horrendous things in real life like kicking his dad in the nuts and getting stabbed). But then, of course, we're told that this reality isn't the real world, and so on, and so on, and eventually, you don't know who's real and who is fake. But all is revealed in a gigantic twist ending where we get to see the South Park kids in real life.

Overall if twas a great episode and you should watch it immediately, even if just for the real-life, totally spot on, Butters.