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The skyline of Yekaterinburg, Russia, is dominated by an odd landmark. Towering over the city is an unfinished construction project, the world's tallest abandoned structure.


In 1981, construction began on the TV Tower, which was to stretch 400 meters into the air, but by construction halted when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, leaving the tower only partially completed. Not including the base, the unfinished tower is 26 stories tall, and anyone who wants to get to the top has to take the stairs as the elevator was never installed. In addition to thrill seeking urban explorers and taggers, the tower has attracted base jumpers and folks looking to kill themselves, earning it the nicknames the Fun Tower and the Suicide Tower. The entrance was sealed in 2000. The tower also leans slight thanks to some errors in the construction, although it's in no danger of toppling any time soon.

In recent years, city officials courted European investors to put the space to practical use as an entertainment and cultural center. But the financial crisis put a damper on those plans, leaving the tower unoccupied for the time being.


Flickr user Aldric van Gaver has some great close-up shots of the tower, showing the rust and graffiti it has accumulated over the years. You can also see more images at Kuriositas.

Photo by Andre Bulber.

The Tallest Abandoned Structure in the World: The Leaning Tower of Yekaterinburg [Kuriositas]

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