If Star Trek were a thrilling radio drama sandwiched between Ovaltine ads and spots for the dyspepsia-fighting power of Moxie, then the Enterprise might possibly bear a resemblance to its long-lost cousin, Guido Fallei's amphibious dirigible gyrocopter. As the September 1930 issue of Popular Mechanics explained of Fallei's craft:

The craft has a single wing, a rotating disk-shaped affair filled with gas or hot air. It is turned by a gasoline engine as is the propeller, while quarters for the crew are arranged on either side. The body has retractable wheels so that the ship can be landed on ground or on water [...] In descents, the rotating wing is intended to act as a parachute [...]


I would watch the ever-loving crap out of Star Trek: The Herbert Hoover years. Every episode would be like a visit to that gangster planet. [Via Ptak Science Books]