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Behold the rolling, majestic beauty of Lake Michigan's Ice Boulders

Breathe in the hypnotic beauty of the ice boulders of Lake Michigan! These rolly polly ice balls have returned to crash against the shores of the Northern Midwest, and we simply can't stop watching them turn.


Filmed in Glen Arbor, Michigan the town's local facebook page heralded the return of the ice boulders, (some as big as 20'' in diameter) with this mesmerizing video.

Ice Boulders, while spectacular, are nothing new. We've featured photographer Leda Olmstead amazing ice boulder images before from Sleeping Bear Dunes where the local rangers speculate the creation of these balls are formed similarly to the rounded stones that wash up on the banks of the lake. Large ice chunks break off from over the water and are shaped into balls by the freezing waves.


[Footage From Glen Arbor Facebook via Daily Flicks and Pics]

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Captain Max and JINX

Everybody keep doing what you're doing. I'll just be over here imagining that those are white dragon eggs.