Illustration for article titled Behold The Official Marvel Super Heroes/Attack On Titan Crossover

The crossover no one said could happen, because no one even considered it a possibility! Marvel's C.B. Cebulski just tweeted the above picture of Spider-Man fleeing Attack on Titan's terrifying, carnivorous giants — announcing that the American superheroes and the hit manga will share an official crossover.

Cebulski says it's a Japanese release, naturally, but I'd be pretty shocked if it didn't get an official U.S. version sooner rather than later — either as a joint release with Attack on Titan's American publisher Kodansha, or as a straight-up Marvel publication. Three thoughts: 1) I never realized how much I wanted to see the Hulk fight a Titan until about 10 minutes ago. 2) Marvel should officially retire the Marvel Zombies to concentrate on Attack on Titan crossovers. 3) If Thanos, as The Mad Titan of the Marvel universe, has something to do with why the manga Titans are attacking, I may actually lose my mind with fanboyish glee.


[Via Topless Robot]

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