Behold, the new DC Comics logo

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DC Comics finally unveiled their new logo today. Even though the uncolored, leaked versions of the logo made it look like a sinister law firm, the official design can be delightfully tailored to each and every individual character. For example, there could theoretically be a Spider Jerusalem logo barking blue language at would-be consumers:

The design of the new DC Entertainment identity uses a "peel" effect – the D is strategically placed over the C with the upper right-hand portion of the D peeling back to unveil the hidden C – symbolizing the duality of the iconic characters that are present within DC Entertainment's portfolio.


I do like the whimsy of this approach, but hey, my heart lies with the old-school "bullet" logo and the 1990s hard sell of Lobo threatening readers. Also, today might not have been the greatest day to launch the logo, what with FOX News suddenly losing their minds about the more lurid aspects of the DC Relaunch four months after the fact.



The "D" doesn't look enough like a "D" for this to work for me. I get it, but it doesn't immediately jump at as saying "DC." It just looks like it says "C," with the "C" being covered with some weird flap.

I don't think it works.