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Those among you with a fear of worms the size of watermelons should avert your eyes now. It's about to get weird in here.

That thing you see floating in a jar, looking positively mammoth beside a cup of coffee? It's a species of gigantic Antarctic scaleworm known as Eulagisca — or, as I've been referring to it all morning, a nightmare grenade. The most terrifying thing about this creature isn't even its size; it's its mouth. Writes Deep Sea News' Miriam Goldstein:

Yes, that entire purple structure [pictured at right above] is a GIANT SET OF JAWS... Many polychaete worms have an eversible pharynx — most of the time those jaws are tucked away, but when the worm wants to feed, the entire front of their throat rolls out of their mouth.


Read more, and check out more pictures, over at Deep Sea News.

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