Behold the Louisville Decapitron, a baseball bat/battle axe made for zombie smashing

This is the Louisville Decapitron, a Louisville Slugger baseball bat outfitted with a 20-inch-long, plasma-cut steel blade. A weaponsmith named Gord built this hybrid weapon when he realized he was woefully unprepared for the undead uprising.

According to Gord, the axe is there for the undead head-chopping, whereas the blunt side is reserved for jerks who attempt to your purloin your stockpile of lima beans:

After some exhaustive research my friend I came up with the Zombie Bat concept. The design is really quite simple and it includes a 20 inch blade mounted to a Louisville Slugger. The idea is that the zombies can be dealt with at close range while the living, which is after the food supply, can be beat away with the other end without causing death.


Grisly comment concerning canned food wars aside, I like how this this bad boy is equal parts woozy-eyed Americana and Viking berserker. This is just a prototype, but Gord plans to build another Louisville Decapitron with carbon steel.

[Via Hack-A-Day]

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