Behold The Official Deadpool Movie Test Footage In Hi-Res Here!

Authentic! Approved! Non-bootlegged! If you didn't get to see the test footage of a Ryan Reynolds-voiced, potentially all-CG version of the Merc with a Mouth earlier this week — or even if you did, and want to see it the way it ought to be seen — watch it here, now. I say again: It's so perfect it will break you heart that this movie hasn't been made yet.

Apparently this is just a small pat of an 8-minute test reel made by Tim Miller's Blur Studios, who was once attached to direct a Deadpool movie. Here's hoping the other six minutes are too far behind...


[Via Gamma Squad]


Jesus, make this movie already. You are not going to find a more perfect actor for the part than Reynolds. Nope. (The little legs swing, coupled with him coloring and singing Hollarback girl is just so perfect.) And given how long it takes to make movies, I can see the studio dusting off this footage and putting it out there as a leak to see the reaction because they are thinking about making a Deadpool movie. Yes, it's a couple of years old. But in Movie time? That's fresh out of the womb.