Remember when the father released the Gamma Dogs on Bruce Banner in Ang Lee's Hulk? Probably not, but that's okay. Little known fact about the much maligned 2003 movie, within the pack of mutant Hulk Dogs was a poodle. A Hulk Poodle! And here is the concept art to prove it.

As you can kind of tell in this Gamma Dogs clip from Hulk, there appears to be a poodle in the middle of the pack, but you can't really tell. Filmsketcher has collected concept art from Hulk illustrators Kevin Nowlan and Sang Jun Lee showing a much more detailed look at this abomination (and some of the other dogs).

By Kevin Nowlan.

By Sang Jun Lee.

By Sang Jun Lee.

BY Sang Jun Lee.

I think what we love the most is that while mutating these regular dogs into super Gamma Dogs, the scientists made sure to collect a representative of each member of the Pound Puppies.