Behold the Glory of Elliot in Two New Pete's Dragon Clips

Up until now, everything we’ve seen of Pete’s Dragon has shown Elliot the dragon in small amounts. It’s been effective, since the movie’s trailer looked amazing. But today brought two new clips that were all about Elliot.


The first one has Pete (Oakes Fegley)and Elliot fooling around and going for a flight:

The way Elliot is animated, especially that head bob, gives him a big, overgrown puppy feel.

The other clip, via Entertainment Weekly, has Pete revealing Elliot to the park ranger who found him living in the woods (Bryce Dallas Howard), her father (Robert Redford), and the daughter of a local mill owner (Oona Laurence), the dragon that has been his companion for six years.

Again, Elliot is very gentle in this scene. Presumably so we know anyone going after him is the baddie.

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Bronze Sebs Fever

Has io9's target audience been changed to eight year olds?

There is a difference between talking about kid-targeted movies/cartoons/comics/toys and reveling in it. My inner eight year old does not even care about Pete’s Dragon and I must have seen the original umpteen times when I was a kid, in the theater before VCRs were invented.

But on any given day the majority of the posts are on kids stuff. And not like, kids stuff with hidden adult sensibilities, but legit kids stuff. I suspect you guys are tailoring your posts to what you think your audience wants, which is somewhat insulting. And genre for parents should be added to the title. Y’all should google Io9 from 2011 or so to see what to measure up to. And if kinja twitter says differently, maybe you should consider that 100 or so people are not representative of your entire (continuously dwindling) audience.