Behold the Glorious Arms, Armor and Orcs of the Warcraft Movie

It might not be out until next year, but Warcraft is out in full force on the floor of Comic-Con 2015. WETA Workshop have set up a booth showing off some of their remarkable props work on the film—and we’ve got footage of all the awesomeness right here!


As well a fantastic array of swords, shields, and full suits of armor of the Alliance’s Stormwind Knights on display, WETA unveiled two life-sized statues of some of the protagonists: King Llane Wrynn (played by Dominic Cooper) in his royal armor, and Orcish warrior Orgrim Doomhammer (played by Rob Kazinsky). Sure there’ll be a ton of gorgeous CGI in Warcraft to help capture Blizzard’s fantasy world on the big screen, but getting to see all these props in the flesh just makes us even more excited.

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I am looking forward to this movie so much!

I really hope it is marketed well. They really need to play up on the “choose a side” aspect of Horde vs. Alliance —which is really at the heart of Warcraft.