Chalk another one up to camera traps! You're looking at a close-up of one of the only known photos of a living Myanmar snub-nosed monkey β€” a bizarre species of primate that is so snub-nosed, it reportedly sneezes when it rains.


"The Myanmar snub-nosed monkey was described scientifically in 2010 from a dead specimen collected from a local hunter," said Frank Momberg of Fauna & Flora International (FFI), who organized the expeditions that led to the monkey's discovery. "As yet, no scientist has seen a live individual."

According to a research paper published by Momberg and his colleagues in The American Journal of Primatology back in 2010, the monkeys' distribution area appears to cover about 270 km2 in northeastern Myanmar, and the entire species is estimated to comprise between 260 and 330 individuals. It is expected that the species will soon be classified as "Critically Endangered" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

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