Behold the bizarre alien creature that is the human vocal cords

No, this isn't footage from a particularly grotesque alien invasion film. It's stroboscopic footage from a laryngoscopy, showing us what the human vocal cords look like in action.


A nasal stroboscope lets us see the movement of the vocal cords; if we were watching a video of the larynx in real time, we wouldn't be able to perceive the rapid movements. And if, like me, you're fascinated rather than repulsed by this video, you can fall down the rabbit's larynx of vocal cord videos. The accompanying thread on reddit has tons of larynx videos, including this video of Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler's damaged vocal cords:

And this video of a larynx whose owner suffers from Reinke's edema, also known as smoker's polyps:

Or, if you're in the mood for something bumpier, this video showing the effects of laryngeal papilloma

[via reddit]


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