Last month, Spider-Gwen’s return to the “All-New, All-Different” Marvel Universe gave us a brand new iteration of Captain America. But the second issue of the series has lifted the lid on this new Cap and her allies, and it’s every bit as wonderful as you imagined it to be.

Spoilers ahead for Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez’s Spider-Gwen #2.

Although Spider-Gwen #2 doesn’t particularly advance the ongoing story of the sinister lizard men Gwen is investigating (or even Captain Stacy’s personal quest to find out what really happened to Peter Parker), it sacrifices story advancement to give us a much better look at this newly introduced female hero... and I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty great. Say hello to Samantha Wilson, Captain America!


I love this two-page spread with every fibre of my being. A Captain America who, instead of being frozen in ice, is lost in time and space (while fighting inter-dimensional threats with Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur) for nearly eight decades? Peggy Carter, Agent of SHIELD, and also eyepatch enthusiast???

I love you, Earth-65. Why is Spider-Gwen your only comic? That just doesn’t seem fair. I’d read Captain America and Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur in a heartbeat. But Sam isn’t the only new hero we get to meet in this issue—we also get introduced to Captain America’s closest ally: Sam Wilson, the Falcon!


Yup. Two Sams. Specifically, the Falcon is Sam-13, a male clone, so maybe SHIELD has at least another 11 Sams wandering around out there, too. Oh, and somehow Peggy is still rolling around at SHIELD, this time as Director. God yes, make all the comics set in this universe. Please and thank you, Marvel.

Latour and Rodriguez just don’t know when to quit though—when the the story concludes, the issue ends with fantastic fact file covering Sam’s backstory and power set. Don’t forget to click to embiggen!


Lets hope we get to see more of Sam—and more like her—in Spider-Gwen’s future.