Behold the 1983 Korean Tron rip-off, Savior of the Earth!

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1983 saw the release of the South Korean film Computer Nuclear Warship Bombing Operation, which was later distributed internationally as Savior of the Earth. The cartoon was a slapdash Tron clone, complete with disc wars and a Pac-Man cameo.


Ed Glaser from Dark Maze Productions has put together an entertaining history of Savior of the Earth, the Korean animated rip-off of Tron. Apparently Savior of the Earth was later chopped up with three other movies and reedited as the public domain film Space Thunder Kids, which is notoriously unwatchable.

And here's a disc battle from Savior of the Earth. Notice how it's less of a deadly frisbee match and more of two guys tossing hubcaps at each other while grunting incessantly. Check out that smile at 0:18.

And here's the trailer for Savior, which has a little bit of Star Wars thrown in for the hell of it.

Finally, here's the low-budget slurry that is Space Thunder Kids. It's as delightfully atrocious as its title implies.

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Didn't you play in the Space Thunder Kids review with Spoony as the "professional ass wiper"?