Behold Terry Gilliam's Amazing Lost Animation Work For Monty Python And The Holy Grail

Terry Gilliam’s fantastical animation work for the cult classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail was already a sight to behold—but we almost got a lot more of it in the actual film. Now 40 years later, an extended cut of mostly-finished animation work, thought lost to time, has been found. And you can watch it all online!


The nearly 15 minute clip is part of the upcoming 40th anniversary Blu-Ray release of the movie, and features narration from Gilliam himself, as he discusses his influences for the art coming from the bizarre illustrations monks would doodle in the margins of their manuscripts back in medieval times. While it’s always a delight to hear about Gilliam’s input and process, the animation itself is fascinating to watch, all appropriately weird and wonderful for Monty Python.

It’s a shame it didn’t make it into the final cut of Holy Grail, but at least we get to see it now, regardless of the four-decade wait.


[Via The Verge]

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I really wish there was an edition that included the King Brian the Wild scene, which was done in animated form as a reward for finishing the Holy Grail PC game.

It’s not the funniest scene in the Monty Python canon, but it was in one of the original film screenplays.