Behold Mondo's Failed Pint Glasses and Posters, and Weep at the Pop Culture Art You Can Never Own

Artist Florian Bertimer did a poster for Doctor Strange that didn’t get approved for Mondo. Read why below. All Images: Mondo

If you love shows and movies like Stranger Things, Wonder Woman, Doctor Strange, and Hannibal, you may want to sit down right about now.

At last weekend’s MondoCon 4, Mondo’s annual poster and art convention held in Austin, Texas, the team behind the scenes revealed several projects they attempted to do, but couldn’t for a variety of reasons. For some, they couldn’t get approvals, and others just fell through. However, almost all of them are incredibly awesome, and you’re about to be super disappointed that you can’t get your hands on them.


Below we have them in a gallery, with explaination of why each one didn’t make it.

MondoCon 4 just ended, but head to the company’s site for more information about the event and to keep an eye out for next year. If you love posters, art, games, toys, and all that kind of cool, collectible stuff, it’s worth the trip.

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