We started seeing Marvel's space opera movie Guardians of the Galaxy in a whole new light, when a battery of badass aliens started showing up on set. But the latest image is the first, real look we're getting at one of the main characters in full Guardians of the Galaxy getup. Behold Michael Rooker's big blue transformation to Yondu.

An older member of the GOTG, Yondu was a member of this team before the talking Raccoon showed up. In this new live action movie, Y0ndu's original garb bas been "toned down" aggressively (no sail), but he still looks pretty bad ass. And, that doesn't mean the red sail is gone for good, we hope.


And from the looks of the mess surrounding Rooker, Yondu just crash-landed something big. The more awesome makeup and alien insanity we start to see from Guardians, the more excited we get!

[via SFX]