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Behold Jane Austen: The Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game

Illustration for article titled Behold Jane Austen: The Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game

Yes, the world of Jane Austen's novels is getting its first role-playing game and let me explain to you why it's going to rock your world. It's called Ever Jane, and it takes the strategy of games like Magic: The Gathering and the social interactions of games like Diplomacy and adds it to the world of polite society in Regency England.


There are no dungeons in this game, but there are ballrooms and dining rooms. There are no spells or weapons, but there is gossip. Your status and reputation is on the line, and you must use your personality, your friends, your public appearances and a great deal of strategic thinking to figure out how to get ahead as a proper lady... while your not-so-proper enemies try to destroy your reputation and thus your life.


It all sounds awesome, and the prototype is free to play. The catch is that the gamemakers are on Kickstarter, hoping to get enough money to add more features to the game, like traveling between villages, dancing, fancy balls, family status, and more. It looks like they've got a solid plan, and the game sounds fantastic, so I'd say there are definitely worse things to blow your money on.

You can check out Ever Jane's Kickstarter page here, to learn more about the game, what they hope to do with it and then download the first prototype to play . And then maybe donate, if you like what you see (certainly Lizzie Bennett would approve).

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Corpore Metal

In theory, wasn't this was what the Sims Online was about? Only with less chamber pots, corsets and tuberculosis?