Behold Gotham's Absurdity, Finally Rendered in Comic Book Form

Gotham, a hellish form of torture dreamt up solely to punish Rob Bricken that occasionally moonlights as a Fox TV show, is heading to comics. Well, the story is actually heading back to comics, given its increasingly loose roots in Batman fiction.

Regardless, the cast of Gotham now has its own motion comic, and you can watch the first episode right now.


Gotham Stories was originally meant to air on Fox during episodes of The X-Files beginning tonight, but those clips will only be 30 seconds of the cast of Gotham breathlessly reading the dialogue of a comic book made by Tony Bedard and Matt Haleyout as it flashes on screen. The network has now revealed that uncut, 60-second versions of each episode will now appear earlier in the day on IGN, presumably so fans eager for more Gotham don’t have to struggle through the effort of watching The X-Files, which doesn’t even have loose approximations of DC comics characters in it!

The five-part motion comic is set in between the two halves of the show’s midseason break, setting up the appearance of Nathan Darrow’s Mr. Freeze when the show returns at the end of the month. Not even an ice pun in his first appearance, Gotham Stories? Such restraint.

If you much prefer your Gotham sans motion, DC Comics will gather the whole thing into a print edition for fans to purchase after all the episodes have aired. That’s right, an honest-to-god Gotham comic book on store shelves.

What a world.



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