Behold Bradley Cooper's rejected punk rock look for his cancelled Crow movie

Illustration for article titled Behold Bradley Coopers rejected punk rock look for his cancelled emCrow/em movie

Want to see what Bradley Cooper would have looked like if he'd ended up as the lead in the cursed Crow movie remake? It's one part slash, two parts rejected art school kid, plus a bucket of eyeliner.

Look it's not easy making someone as midwesternly delicious as Bradley Cooper look like your mistake ex-boyfriend from middle school — but artist Diego Latorre (The Hulk) gave it one hell of a try. In fact, we'd actually be down for the half-shaved-head Cooper look. But the cornrows and the hat? Well, sometimes I guess you gotta draw it, just so the studios know how wrong it looks. That's why they call it concept art. We've grabbed a few of the most insane images from Shocktilyoudrop, which has a ton more.

Illustration for article titled Behold Bradley Coopers rejected punk rock look for his cancelled emCrow/em movie
Illustration for article titled Behold Bradley Coopers rejected punk rock look for his cancelled emCrow/em movie
Illustration for article titled Behold Bradley Coopers rejected punk rock look for his cancelled emCrow/em movie

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Ignoring the fact he's not my favourite actor in the world, whether I could have stomached Bradley Cooper as 'The Crow' would have hinged entirely on whether they were remaking the Proyas film - which apparently they were not - or going back and having another pass at the original comic. Because Cooper as lead guitarist of an up-and-coming indie rock band who lives with his girlfriend in an artsy hipster loft... yeah, no.

But if they were/are going back to the comic, and Eric and Shelly are just a workaday Average Joe and Jane then, yeah, I could maybe have seen it. You see a lot more of pre-murder Eric in the comic in all those flashbacks, and he's a pretty ordinary cheery happy-go-lucky guy who I think was a mechanic. Although I get this weird "I'm charming but a douche and actually quite similar to the character I played in Wedding Crashers" vibe off Cooper - totally unfounded obviously as I don't know the guy - I do think he would have been a passable choice of actor to be able to capture the idea of Eric as an ordinary, happy normal guy who then had this terrible thing happen and turned into a monster.

So when we hear stuff about the Crow remake/reboot and the fans start screaming that Hollywood is raping the corpse of Brandon Lee (sorry for that mental picture), I actually kind of eyeroll, because I think several people have gone on record at various times that they're NOT remaking the Proyas film, this is either going to be a new adaptation of the comic or go off in an entirely different direction altogether. I totally agree it doesn't need a remake of the Proyas movie. Sure if you watch it objectively it so hasn't dated well, but it's an iconic adaptation of a lesser known comic book and has a lot of baggage attached and a lot of fans (me included) are protective of it.

On the other hand, I am VERY much in support of a new adaptation of the comic, and one that works a little closer to the source material. One of the things I like about the comic is that you actually are never entirely sure what the hell is even going on. The "One year later he comes back from the grave" thing is totally from the movie, the comic book doesn't have that stated supernatural element. You could interpret Eric in the comic as being just an extremely brain-damaged and shattered wreck of his former self, who's kept himself alive and functioning over the last year fuelled only by hard drugs, hatred, and a refusal to drop dead. It's completely fucked up, yeah, but arguably just as interesting as the "Magical bird from the afterlife is a spirit guide, bad guys have to kill the bird to drain Eric's mojo, etc etc" thing.

I'm not necessarily saying that a film that's a literal frame for frame rendering of the comic would work. It probably wouldn't, as the thing could really come off as "Death Wish" with a guy who looks like the Joker. I'm just saying that the comic is really very different, and I would be very much in support of a film presenting The Crow as a story more along those internalised and psychological lines.

Yes, I know way too much about this comic. I bought the recent re-release and everything. I know it's not a cool comic to like. Leave me alone.

Oh yes, and apart from the fact I think it's trying too hard and looks kind of ugly there better have been a good origin story behind this Crow costume and makeup art. The Crow character has a reason for wearing what they do, and the costume and makeup has personal significance and reflects their life and relationship with whoever got offed. It's not just "Hey concept artist, draw something cool and dark and edgy".